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Security Marking of Vehicles

Statistical data show that worldwide every 10 minutes a vehicle is being stolen. Every year more than 4 million vehicles are illegally taken away from their legitimate owners and the benefits from the sale of such vehicles or their parts surpass 25 billion US Dollars.

Vehicles theft is done by organized criminal organization; the stolen vehicles are re-sold in other countries, dismantled and sold as parts; more and more the stolen vehicles are used for committing other crimes drug trafficking, robbery and even murders. The fact that the chassis number is placed on only one place (widely known in the car business) of the vehicle, facilitates the actions of car thieves when they try to re-sell the vehicle or when they are dismantled to resell the parts, by erasing the original chassis number and applying a new number.

Additional marking of vehicles is done in several countries, for example in Italy the marking comprises the number of the number plates of the vehicle, instead of the chassis number. In Poland the marking includes only the last 10 digits of the chassis NUMBER. Since a couple of years the Czech manufacturer Skoda introduced the factory marking of all windows of its Octavia model.

Our security marking technology for vehicles is based on the application of a 12 alpha-numeric code, composed of the last 10 digits of the chassis-number and a two, three or four digit code (protected by multilevel encoding)  of the workshop having applied the marking. The time needed for marking of one vehicle is around 20 minutes marking of selected parts of the vehicle body, windows, headlights and rear lights. The same protected alpha-numeric code is applied with special ink, visible only in UV light, on different parts inside the vehicle. Digital photographs of different views of the vehicle are taken and also recorded in the database. The parts and places to be marked  are agreed with the national police and/or the insurance companies. 

The marking is applied through micro engraving by means of abrasive sand (silicon abrasive, carborundum) blasting or laser and on the windows it is emphasized by a special multilayer encoded label, which signals to a potential thief the presence of a security marking and also facilitates the law enforcement officers in investigation and research.


The SecuryMark SecuryCar  information database of the marked vehicles is recorder on a write only optical disc (CD-ROM or DVD-R), and that database is used by the police and investigators in their work. The information recorded once on a write only CD-ROM or DVD-R cannot be erased or modified, cannot be falsified or tampered and cannot be infected by computer viruses. The price of the marking comprises also a one year information service support of the vehicle and free of charge remarking of replaced parts.