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Objective of the Security Marking Technology

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Case Study

Passive Marking of Motor Vehicles against Theft

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Marking Introduction

  • A code, based on the at least last ten signs of the chassis' number (VIN) and multistage encrypted four-sign code of the station(branch) that caries out the marking, is deposited on the outside parts of the car within 20 minutes.
  • Exactly fixed places are marked in conformity with the Ministry of Internal affairs' requirements.
  • The mark itself is inerasible (micro-engraving with carborundum) and is emphasized by special label as well.
  • It warns the potential thief for the uselessness of the theft and facilitates Traffic Controllers and Central Control Service for Fight with the Organized Crime during the control and the search. Inside, using the same code, coupe is marked by means of special UV-marker, invisible without using UV lamps.

Places for marking

Outside on the windscreens, stops, lights and indicatorsI
Inside on the doors and lids; on the seats and dashboard



Code for marking

A fourteen – sign alphanumeric code based on the vehicle’s chassis number is deposited on the parts of the motor vehicle.

The code consists of two parts:

Company part
Company part is a four-sign code (letters and digits) of the marking station (branch). This code shall be unique and uniform for every single marking station and expressly designates it. The code consists in two parts: two signs designating the country (e.g. BG, GE, GR, RU etc.) and two signs designating the station (branch) (e.g. A0, A1, A2...B0,B1,....1A, AA etc.).
This part is protected by means of our patented technology for multistage encrypted marking and no one in no way can  replicate it or make a false marking.

Motor vehicle part
A ten-sign code (letters and digits) that includes the LAST TEN SIGNS from the vehicle’s chassis number.
If the chassis number consists of less then ten signs, the code is complemented with special signs – star (*).


Markirovka1.gif      Markirovka2.gif

On the windscreens, lights, stoplights, indicators, doors and lids marking is engraving by means of abrasive powder and compressed air through the mirror-wised order stencils of the alphanumeric marking code. The marking is relatively small and does not cause any damages on the marked part. It is durable and inerasable. Any trial to erase or destroy the marking causes damages on the mark part and can be easily discovered together with the marked code.
On the dashboard and seats the marking is invisible carried  out by means of special UV markers and cat be read after lighting with UV light.




Secured labels emphasize the markings. Giving sign that the car is marked and it is not profitable for stealing.

Labels are secured with encrypted marking according KEIT LTD patents including EP-1-046276B1/25.07.2007 – emphasizing that the automobile is marked according our technology. There is no possibility to counterfeit the label (or even clone it).



Information of the vehicle’s owner (name, address, ID card number, etc.), vehicle’s data (VIN, engine number, registration number, etc.), marking code and additional information (date of marking, place and station code, etc.) is put down in the database that is recorded on the CD-ROM (avoiding unauthorised or fraudulent corrections) and is given to the relevant bodies (Police, insurance companies, etc.), which are involved in the fight against vehicle’s thefts and crimes. During the routine check Police officer or Traffic warden can carry out the instant control by verifying the information with that in the central database.

For its database KEIT LTD received Golden Badge from Scotland Yard in 1994.


We have an agreement with Bulgarian National Police Directorate for utilisation  of our database and marking for  tracking and discovering of stolen motor vehicles.

SecuryMark Worldwide

KEIT Ltd has representatives and subsidiaries for passive marking of motor vehicle against theft in the following countries:

We are member of IAATI (International Association of Auto Theft Investigators) - Interpol.

SecuryMark vs. other types of marking

Based on our experience in the field of security technologies we managed to avoid and overcome most of the disadvantages of the other methods of passive marking of motor vehicles.
Our solution features with:

  • The marking is based on the VIN (chassis) number (no one can replace or counterfeit the VIN of the vehicle because of the markings on the most of its parts);
  • The marking contains a unique code (identifier) of the marking station;
  • The marking is multistage encrypted against replication and counterfeit;
  • Labels are secured against counterfeit
  • Database is recorded on CD-ROM in order to avoid unauthorised corrections;
  • More than thirty parts are marked with unique marking;
  • The database is utilized by Police;


The results are remarkable! On the base of more then 500 000 marked vehicles the thefts are more than six times less over against the same number non-marked ones: about 45% of stolen marked cars have been discovered until now. The information data base for the marked vehicles is recorded on a multimedia optical disk which is used by the police during the search. The information, recorded on such disk (CD-ROM) can not be erased, infected by viruses, hanged or counterfeited. The marking price includes the information service during a year term. Our good relations with Athena, Rotterdam and Warsaw provide for the successful search of all cars marked in Bulgaria both in and outside our country.

Our company owns internationally adopted patents for multimedia multistage encrypted marks. The "SecuryMark" technology is laid down by the policies early as in 1993. In 1994, at the International Conference with the participation of Bulgarian Ministry of Interior and Interpol we were given with golden badge by the representative of Scotland Yard.
On the base of contracts made with us, the biggest Bulgarian insurance companies (like the State Insurance Institute, BULSTRAD, BulIns, Bulgarski Imoti - Wiener Stadtische Group etc.) demand, and the rest of them recommend their costumers to mark the insured vehicles.