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eng. Vladimir Yossifov

education:  engineering, international economic relations, intellectual property law and management
Expert with a vast experience (over 35 years) in the area of use and management of intellectual property assets and innovations, implementation and use of inventions and transfer of technology, use of and access to scientific and IP information

Has prepared and presented over 300 different reports and lectures on various subjects related to intellectual property, innovation, IP and scientific and technological information, assessment,  valuation and commercialization of inventions and new technologies, transfer of technology and licensing, creation and protection of marks, etc.

Worked for over 25 years in the World Intellectual Property Organization (Geneva, Switzerland) as Head of Development Cooperation Technical Assistance and Training Programs Unit, Director of Division for Infrastructure Services and Innovation Promotion and Director of Division for Cooperation with Certain Countries of Europe and Asia.

Member of the Licensing Executives Society (LES), International Association of Automobile Theft Investigators IAATI

Lecturer and consultant in the field of intellectual property with the European Patent Organization (EPO), the Commission of the European Communities (CEE), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI), and others..

eng. Jivko Jelev

education: Master of Semiconductor Technologies

  • Hoya Glass Co, Sacura Konishiroku, NEC, Fujitsu – Japan
  • Balzers, Hirsch&Cie - Switzerland
  • Låybold, Degussa, Bundesdruckerei - Germany
  • First Light Technology, Crane&Co - USA
  • VGS – United Kingdom
  • Professional career:

1973 – 1980: Semiconductors manufacturing plant – Botevgrad, Bulgaria
1980 – 1990: Vice-President, Disk Memory Units manufacturing plant – Stara Zagora, Bulgaria (30,000 employees and over 1 billion US Dollars annual export)
since 1990: private business – President of SecuriMark LTD and KEIT LTD

Significant achievements and projects:

Leading scientist and manager of three national programs for the micro-electronics industry, the best known of which is the Bulgarian technology for the production of compact discs
Author and co-author of several patents for his technologies, which have been awarded over 10 gold medals at international exhibitions.

At present Mr. Jelev is the Managing Director of KEIT LTD, President of the Management Board of the non-for profit organization DEN and member of International Association of Automobile Theft Investigators IAATI.