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Objective of the Security Marking Technology
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Мултимедийна многостепенно шифрирана защита
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Car Marking presentation
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Презентация Маркиране на Автомобили
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        Objective of the Security Marking Technology

There are three vital issues whenever people want to communicate / cooperate about a product: Identification, Authentication and Traceability.The most commonly used identification agent is the "product label" - it represents many things at once and more than just a "piece of paper with information". "Product Labels" are used to inform and protect producers, transporters, users and disposers. They are extensions of the corporate image, accompanying products through the manufacturing processes and supply chains. Their appearance contributes to selling and recording the locations and critical data of any product. "Product Labels" are also legal documents - their contents and accuracy inform about the products being in compliance with regulations and requirements and contractual obligations. Their content and information contribute to correct and safe product storage, distribution, transportation and usage, as well as final disposal.

        Car and Vehicle Marking CD
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Statistical data show that worldwide every 10 minutes a vehicle is being stolen. Every year more than 4 million vehicles are illegally taken away from their legitimate owners and the benefits from the sale of such vehicles or their parts surpass 25 billion US Dollars.

        Documents and ID Cards
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The basic principle of our technology consists in introducing at different levels of the visible marking (visible image, logo, number, etc.) of additional, hidden (secret) information. That additional hidden (secret)information is different and specific not only for each level where it is embedded, but also for each individual object of protection and is generated and provided by independent sources (manufacturer, control authority, etc.) The link and relationship between the visible image (information, number, logo, etc.) and the embedded (hidden, secret) information for any specific level is recorded in a database on a writ only media CD-ROM/DVD-R to ensure protection against unauthorized and/or undesired modifications or corrections.

        Labels and Packing
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The target of today's criminal elements reproduce or falsify not only luxury products and goods, watches and media products, but also medicines and aircraft and vehicle spare-parts, beverages and children's' toys and such “doubles” or copies cause not only material loss to the legitimate owners and traders, but can also be dangerous for human health and life.

        Arms, ammunitions and spare parts
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In May 2001, the United Nations General Assembly adopted by its resolution 55/255 the Components and Ammunition, supplementing the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (the Firearms Protocol).  The Firearms Protocol entered into force on July 3, 2005 and until the end of 2008, the Protocol, has been ratified by 75 countries.

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        Case Study
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A code, based on the at least last ten signs of the chassis' number (VIN) and multistage encrypted four-sign code of the station(branch) that caries out the marking, is deposited on the outside parts of the car within 20 minutes.
Exactly fixed places are marked in conformity with the Ministry of Internal affairs' requirements.
The mark itself is inerasible (micro-engraving with carborundum) and is emphasized by special label as well.
It warns the potential thief for the uselessness of the theft and facilitates Traffic Controllers and Central Control Service for Fight with the Organized Crime during the control and the search. Inside, using the same code, coupe is marked by means of special UV-marker, invisible without using UV lamps.